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Uggla finalThis page starts with a thematic overview of guiding texts on this site itself. Then, at the end, follows a collection of other online sites that I have found inspirational for historical travel. There is a lot to find and I recommend both sites with a lot of facts and tips as well as sites that present travel experiences from a more personal point of view.

Historynaut city guides

Ultimate guide to historical Rome
Ultimate guide to historical Istanbul
Wonders of historical Córdoba
Historical New Orleans
Swedish modernity in Stockholm

Historynaut itineraries and stories

The Silk road with Marco Polo
Dragons of the Rhine valley
Explorer Freya Stark and the valley of the assassins
Turkish railway

Historynaut on museums and specific sites

Teutoburg – the forest at the end of Rome
Berlin museums top 10

Historynaut on historical travel

What is historical travel?
The digital traveller

Other internet sites about historical travel

Wikivoyage is a great resource with texts and information about many historical sites. It even has a special section on historical travel. The “Itineraries” section has guides to The Silk Road, The Trans-Siberian Railway and on how to follow in the real-world tracks of the Assassin’s Creed video games series.

Travel thru history is another great site, related to a TV series with the same name. It presents numerous places and sites aimed to “spark interest and enthusiasm” about “the world’s rich and fascinating history by traveling to diverse locales across the globe”.

Atlas Obscura is a site presented by “a global community of explorers” dedicated to present “the world’s most wondrous places and foods”. Many of the stories presented are distinctly historical.

Adventure.com is a global online travel magazine. It seeks to redefine adventure travelling into something more ethical. The site is story-based and many of the articles are historical.

Retronaut.com presents amazing sets of historical photographs, many of which will blow your mind about what the past was really like. It’s not really a site on historical travel as such but superb inspiration for sure.

The Travelling Dane, blogging “for the cultural explorer”, presents a lot of material about historical places and sites from a personal viewpoint.

Travel blogger Nomadic Matt has a good text about his personal Top 15 historical sites in the world 2019 which is also great for inspiration.